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If you are ready for that deep-dive into becoming a knowledgeable and confident herbalist, join the immersive full membership programme. Upon succesful completion of the course, you will receive a CMA accredited certificate. Pay monthly or save 2 months with a yearly subscription.


Meet the founder of

the Crafty Herbalist Academy

Kristine De Block, Consultant Medical Herbalist and Herbal Medicine Teacher founded the Crafty Herbalist Academy in 2022.

I was first taught about botany, wildflowers, traditional herbalism and home remedies by my grandmother. I went on to herbal medicine at university level, and my passion for herbal medicine grew like wild weeds! I now live in the beautiful Chilterns with my family, where we enjoy the stunning local countryside.

I was lucky to have received so much guidance along my herbal journey, and have since lovingly supported hundreds of students myself. Inside the Crafty Herbalist Academy you will also find those precious herbal teachings and that supportive community.

I have poured ancestral knowledge, science, and twenty years of my experience into the Academy. Sharing my insights into herbalism is a great honour. I feel privileged to show you the path to becoming a competent and confident herbalist.

Watching my students cultivate deep healing bonds with medicinal plants and harness nature’s potent remedies is joyous, a testament to our transformative potential within the heart of nature’s wisdom.

The Crafty Herbalist Academy is an online membership platform with a self-paced herbal medicine course, videos, handbooks, recipes and monographs, regular online live classes, and an inclusive community of like-minded people. Lessons are experiential and fun, lovingly created by a medical herbalist with twenty years of clinical practice.

The Crafty Herbalist Academy will help you deepen your knowledge of practical herbal medicine, increase your confidence, and bring the dream of your own home apothecary to life.

The ethos of the Crafty Herbalist Academy is based on a love for all things herbal, a strong desire to share and pass on knowledge. The Academy aims to be generous in its teachings whilst providing beautiful printed resources.

Become a confident herbalist in just three steps

dive deep into knowledge

Begin your herbal journey by immersing yourself in the Academy’s extensive resources. Engage with educational content, reflect on the insights, and weave them into your herbal practice for an enriched learning experience.

cultivate through practice

True mastery comes from putting knowledge into action. Regularly experiment with herbs and preparation techniques, and track your progress. The Academy is here to provide guidance and support as you flourish in your practice.

grow through community

You are part of a vibrant, like-minded community. Join discussions, ask questions, and share your herbal adventures. Each interaction is an opportunity to expand your perspectives and deepen your understanding.


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