Herbal Immersion Course

Course delivery

 Course Tutor:             Kristine De Block, BSc Hons Medical Herbalist MNIMH

  • Length of Study:   One to two years (self-paced study with live classes)
  • Award:                      Certificate Foundation Course in Herbal Medicine (CMA accredited)
  • Study Hours:           320 hours (plus 200 practical hours)
  • Accreditation:        Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

Our Herbal Medicine Immersion Course is delivered through a secure Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), known as Memberpress. This online platform is the cornerstone of our interactive and comprehensive learning experience.

Here’s what you can expect:

Monthly Modules: Each month, a new module is released, featuring extensive videos and a comprehensive handbook, packed with over 50 pages of knowledge, recipes and monographs.

Seasonal Recipe Booklets: Delight in a new, extensive recipe booklet every month, filled with seasonal herbal preparations and inspirations.

Live Classes: Participation in live classes is encouraged for an immersive experience. These sessions are also recorded for convenience, ensuring you never miss out.

Monthly Videos: Engage with our monthly videos, where we cover a range of topics from plant identification to remedy making tutorials, along with the latest news in herbal medicine.

Community Forum: Join our community forum for group discussions, support, and to enhance your learning and participation with fellow students.

Online Herbal Library: Access a wealth of resources in our online library, such as monographs, dosage guidelines, contraindications, and more.

Tests and Assignments: To reinforce your learning, each module comes with tests, practical assignments, and opportunities for essay writing.



Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)


Discover the ancient art and evolving science of herbal medicine in this introductory module. Unearth the history and fundamental principles that have shaped herbal medicine, learn about the pillars of health, and explore the therapeutic actions of herbs. Delve into the pharmacology and constituents of plants, and embrace the concept of energetics and constitutions. This module sets the foundation for a deep, holistic understanding of herbal medicine.


Dive into the intricate world of the nervous system in this enlightening module. Gain a comprehensive understanding of its anatomy and physiology, and learn how it intertwines with our emotional wellbeing. Discover how herbs can be a source of support and balance during challenging times, offering natural, gentle relief. Uncover local treasures and calming home remedies that nurture peace and joy from within. This module is a celebration of the healing connection between the mind, body, and nature’s gifts.


Journey into the vital world of the cardiovascular system with this immersive module. Explore the detailed anatomy and physiology of the heart, blood, and circulation, gaining a deeper understanding of this essential system. Learn how herbs play a supportive role in nurturing heart health, from enhancing circulation to strengthening the heart itself. Discover the power of herbal heart tonics and how to incorporate them into your daily life. This module also offers home recipes designed to bolster heart health, blending ancient wisdom with practical, modern applications.


Embark on an exploratory journey into the digestive system with this insightful module. Uncover the intricacies of its anatomy and physiology, understanding the critical role it plays in overall health. Learn how herbs can be powerful allies in supporting and enhancing digestion, bringing balance and ease to the digestive process. This module also introduces you to local digestive herbs, inviting you to connect with nature’s remedies that grow right at your doorstep. Alongside, discover home remedies that promote healthy digestion, combining age-old wisdom with practical know-how.


Step into the world of skin health with this enlightening module. Delve into the anatomy and physiology of the skin, your body’s largest organ, and understand the complexities of the integumentary system. Discover how the right herbs can be your skin’s best friend, supporting its natural glow and vitality. Explore a range of local skin herbs, each offering unique benefits for maintaining fabulous skin. This module doesn’t just stop at theory – it also provides practical home remedies and topical applications, blending herbal wisdom with everyday skincare practices.


Dive deep into the essence of the respiratory system with this vital module. Begin with an introduction to the complexities of our breathing mechanisms, uncovering the wonders of how we inhale life itself. Discover how herbs can be a cornerstone in supporting and enhancing respiratory health, helping to maintain clear and strong lungs. This journey also introduces you to a variety of local herbs, each with unique properties to aid in respiratory wellness. Alongside, learn about effective home remedies designed to support and nurture your respiratory system.


Embark on a journey to strengthen your body’s natural defenses in this insightful module. Begin with a comprehensive overview of allergies and immunity, understanding the delicate balance of our body’s protective mechanisms. Discover the power of local herbs specifically tailored for allergy relief and immune support, connecting you with nature’s own remedies. This module not only educates but also empowers you with practical home remedies, offering natural, effective strategies for managing allergies. Learn how to harness the healing properties of herbs to bolster your immune system and find relief from allergies.


Delve into the complex world of hormonal health with this comprehensive module. Begin with an exploration of the chemistry of hormonal wellbeing, understanding the intricate dance of hormones in our bodies. Gain valuable insights into female anatomy and physiology, laying the foundation for a deeper understanding of common hormonal issues. This module empowers you with natural strategies to maintain hormonal health, blending traditional wisdom with modern insights. Learn about effective home remedies that support hormonal balance, offering gentle, nurturing ways to harmonise your body’s natural rhythms.


Unveil the secrets of adaptogens in this empowering module, designed to boost your body’s resilience and balance. Learn about adaptogens and tonics – nature’s remarkable gifts that help our bodies adapt to stress and restore vitality. We’ll introduce you to an array of local nourishing herbs, each with unique properties to fortify and rejuvenate your system. Gain insights on how to use these powerful adaptogens safely and effectively, integrating them into your daily routine for optimal health. This module also offers tasty recipes, blending nutritive plant-medicine into delicious, everyday meals and drinks.


Uncover the hidden healing powers in your kitchen with this delightful module. Discover how everyday food, herbs, and spices can transform into potent kitchen remedies, offering health benefits right from your pantry. Learn the art of incorporating herbal medicine into your daily cooking, turning each meal into an opportunity for optimum health. This module is a celebration of the medicinal treasures that lie in plain sight, inviting you to infuse wellness into every dish you prepare. With ‘Kitchen Treasures’, your kitchen becomes a haven of health, blending the joys of cooking with the wisdom of herbal healing.


Embrace the unique challenges of the colder seasons with ‘Winter’s Cloak’, a module designed to guide you through autumnal wellness and winter remedies. This course offers insightful strategies for adapting to the physiological and emotional shifts that come with the drop in temperature. Discover preventative measures and effective treatments for common winter ailments, ensuring you stay healthy and resilient. Learn about nurturing practices and herbal remedies tailored for the colder months, providing comfort and support when you need it most.


Journey through the stages of life with these enlightening modules, embracing natural health and wellbeing at every age. Delve into the gentle art of treating children with natural remedies, learning how to safely and effectively use herbal medicine to nurture their growing bodies and minds. Shift focus to the elders, understanding the unique requirements and sensitivities in providing them with appropriate herbal care. These modules are a celebration of life’s continuum, highlighting the adaptability and efficacy of herbal medicine from childhood to elder years.


This module offers a deep dive into the herbal treatments that target musculo-skeletal issues, providing natural ways to enhance your body’s structure and function. It is an invitation to explore the powerful benefits of herbal medicine in maintaining and improving musculoskeletal health, showing you how to incorporate these natural remedies into your wellness routine. Discover the potent healing capabilities of herbs and how they can help you lead a more active and pain-free life.


Discover how specific herbs can support and enhance the health of your kidneys, bladder, and entire urinary tract. This module delves into herbal remedies known for their diuretic and cleansing properties, offering natural solutions for maintaining urinary health and preventing common health issues relating the urinary tract. Gain insights into the potent healing capabilities of herbs and incorporate these natural remedies into your health regimen for better urinary system health.



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