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Learn the art of herbal medicine,

and create your own herbal apothecary

take charge of your health,

inspire your community,

and support your loved ones,

truly embodying the role of a modern-day herbalist.



The Crafty Herbalist Academy

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Your path to herbal medicine, for beginners and more experienced students.

Join our herbal courses for comprehensive accredited education, practical skills and a supportive community. Turn your herbal dreams into reality with confidence.



You might be


sifting through scattered herbal information;


feeling lost without a clear learning path;


feeling overwhelmed by theory with no practical skills;


missing community support.

Inside the Crafty Herbalist Academy you will discover a structured, comprehensive, and community-supported herbal education that blends practical applications with in-depth knowledge. Turn your herbal dreams into reality with confidence.

What to expect from the academy

Foundational Learning

Begin your journey with a solid foundation in herbal medicine principles. Progress to more complex topics, expanding your knowledge and understanding of plant medicine, foraging techniques, and herbal remedies.

Practical Skill Development

Apply your learning through hands-on activities. Engage in foraging exercises and quizzes, create your own herbal remedies, and participate in interactive workshops to develop practical skills that can be used in everyday life.

Community and Growth

Immerse yourself in a supportive community of herbal enthusiasts. Participate in live classes, share experiences, and receive support and inspiration, fostering continuous personal and skill growth in herbal medicine.

Let me show you that it’s possible



Starting your adventure into herbal medicine is both thrilling and a bit overwhelming. But fear not, you’re in good company on this journey. The Crafty Herbalist Academy has been a life-changing journey for many, and the stories of our students are proof of the incredible transformations that lie ahead for you. Let’s explore the real-life tales of those currently with us, highlighting the significant impact the Academy has made on their lives.


Anna started with little more than an alloment and a curiosity about herbal remedies. Within months of joining the Academy, she not only mastered the basics but fell hopelessly in love with herbal medicine. She successfully grows her own medicinal herbs which she now confidently uses for her family’s wellness.


Jan, a nurse and herbal medicine enthusiast, joined our Academy to deepen her connection with the natural world. Through our community, she not only gained invaluable knowledge but also found a group of like-minded friends. She regularly shares her foraging adventures and recipes from Australia, inspiring many others.


What started as a personal learning journey for Caroline soon became a mission to educate others. She now leads workshops for women in her community, teaching them the wonders of herbal medicine. Caroline has not only become a herbal educator but is also living her dream of making a difference and earning a living doing what she loves.

How can you achieve this too?

Becoming a member of The Crafty Herbalist Academy is the first significant step in a journey that can transform not just how you perceive herbal medicine, but also how you can apply it meaningfully in your life and the lives of those around you.

Achieving the kind of success that Caroline has realised does require work, dedication, and a genuine passion for the art and science of herbalism. It’s not just about absorbing information; it’s about immersing yourself in the practice, engaging with the community, and consistently applying what you learn.

Remember, the path to expertise in herbal medicine is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. It involves trial, error, and continual learning, requiring a steadfast commitment and an open mind.

This journey of learning and growing in the field of herbal medicine is a lifelong commitment, one that I am still enthusiastically on after all these years.

It’s a path filled with endless discoveries, rewarding challenges, and the profound satisfaction of deepening one’s connection with nature. As you embark on this journey with The Crafty Herbalist Academy, you’ll find that the rewards of your efforts are not just in the mastery of herbal skills but also in the personal growth and the sense of community you build along the way.

Your determination and effort will shape not only your own experience but can also inspire and impact others in your community. Embrace this journey with an open heart, and let the timeless wisdom of herbal medicine guide you to new horizons.

gradual and steady learning

Embark on your herbal journey

The Crafty Herbalist Academy guides you through a transformative journey of herbal wisdom. This isn’t about quick fixes; it is about nurturing growth with every module, each live class, conversation, and wild foray.

Joining the Academy means embracing an ancient herbal tradition. Our community shapes you into a guardian of this timeless craft, ready to share your unique insights.

Your adventure awaits: a journey of discovery, connection, and transformation through herbal medicine. This path will deepen your understanding of herbs, enrich your life and allow you to become more self-sufficient.

Complete our accredited course to receive certification from the Complementary Medical Association.

The best thing?

This isn’t just about learning herbal medicine, but about the

profound personal growth and deeper connection

with nature that students experience.


It’s about integrating the wisdom of herbal medicine into everyday life, fostering a sustainable lifestyle, and joining a community that shares a commitment to natural wellness and environmental stewardship. This holistic transformation goes beyond simply learning; it’s about evolving as an individual and becoming part of a larger movement that values and preserves the ancient art of herbal medicine.


Since launching the Academy, I have

guided many enthusiastic students

to learn the art of herbal medicine.

So how does it work exactly?


Achieve herbal expertise in three simple steps

Discover and Connect

Upon joining, your first step is to dive into our beautifully crafted introductory resources. This initial engagement isn’t just about getting acquainted with the platform; it’s about connecting with the heart of herbal medicine. Here, you will gain immediate insight into the foundations of herbal healing, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

Explore and Experiment

The second step is to actively engage with our diverse range of modules, handbooks, and live classes. This phase is where your hands-on learning truly begins. You’ll experiment with recipes, dosages and safety of herbs, and start to understand the nuances of plant-based therapies. This step encourages you to not just learn, but to live the herbalist lifestyle.

Empower and Share

The culmination of your journey at The Crafty Herbalist Academy is the experience of bringing your own home apothecary to life. By this stage, you’ll have a deep understanding of herbal medicine, ready to apply your skills in daily life. This is a moment of achievement, where the dream of nurturing health with herbs becomes a reality.

a closer look

What’s inside the Academy’s Full Membership

Laying the foundations of health and herbal knowledge


Herbal Immersion Course

Fifteen comprehensive monthly modules focusing on different bodily systems, providing a solid foundation in herbal medicine. This structured approach, with simple questionnaires and assignments, ensures you gain a holistic understanding, crucial for effective remedy making.


Comprehensive Downloadables

A library of herbal profiles, detailed handouts, plant profiles and recipes accompany each module, making learning tangible and practical. These resources serve as your lifelong herbal reference, enhancing your journey in herbal medicine.

Seasonal exploration and practical skills


Foraging and Seasonal Living

Engage with monthly foraging videos and seasonal recipe booklets, connecting you to the rhythms of nature. This not only deepens your herbal knowledge but also fosters a meaningful bond with the environment and allows you to embrace the changing seasons.


Remedy-making Tutorials

Herbal remedy making tutorials offer hands-on experience in creating effective, safe herbal preparations. This empowers you to confidently apply your learning in real-life scenarios and build up your home apothecary.

Community Learning and Personal Growth


Live Zoom Classes

Participate in regular live zoom classes, where you can interact, ask questions, and deepen your understanding. These sessions bring the herbal community to your doorstep, enhancing your learning experience.


Growth through Community

Gain access to a community of like-minded fellow students. This network offers support, inspiration, and a space to share experiences, fostering both personal growth and a sense of belonging in the herbal world.

The Crafty Herbalist Academy

Unlocking a World of Herbal Discovery

The Crafty Herbalist Academy offers profound learning and a vibrant community.

Perfect for those dedicated to learning herbal medicine, it includes an immersive course, seasonal handouts, foraging adventures, and remedy crafting. Led by an expert medical herbalist, you’ll explore every facet of herbal medicine.

Join a circle of passionate herbal enthusiasts, transform your understanding of health, and weave ancient herbal wisdom into your everyday life.

Enrol now and begin your transformative herbal journey.




Testimonials from academy members




Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)


Discover the ancient art and evolving science of herbal medicine in this introductory module. Unearth the history and fundamental principles that have shaped herbal medicine, learn about the pillars of health, and explore the therapeutic actions of herbs. Delve into the pharmacology and constituents of plants, and embrace the concept of energetics and constitutions. This module sets the foundation for a deep, holistic understanding of herbal medicine.


Dive into the intricate world of the nervous system in this enlightening module. Gain a comprehensive understanding of its anatomy and physiology, and learn how it intertwines with our emotional wellbeing. Discover how herbs can be a source of support and balance during challenging times, offering natural, gentle relief. Uncover local treasures and calming home remedies that nurture peace and joy from within. This module is a celebration of the healing connection between the mind, body, and nature’s gifts.


Journey into the vital world of the cardiovascular system with this immersive module. Explore the detailed anatomy and physiology of the heart, blood, and circulation, gaining a deeper understanding of this essential system. Learn how herbs play a supportive role in nurturing heart health, from enhancing circulation to strengthening the heart itself. Discover the power of herbal heart tonics and how to incorporate them into your daily life. This module also offers home recipes designed to bolster heart health, blending ancient wisdom with practical, modern applications.


Embark on an exploratory journey into the digestive system with this insightful module. Uncover the intricacies of its anatomy and physiology, understanding the critical role it plays in overall health. Learn how herbs can be powerful allies in supporting and enhancing digestion, bringing balance and ease to the digestive process. This module also introduces you to local digestive herbs, inviting you to connect with nature’s remedies that grow right at your doorstep. Alongside, discover home remedies that promote healthy digestion, combining age-old wisdom with practical know-how.


Step into the world of skin health with this enlightening module. Delve into the anatomy and physiology of the skin, your body’s largest organ, and understand the complexities of the integumentary system. Discover how the right herbs can be your skin’s best friend, supporting its natural glow and vitality. Explore a range of local skin herbs, each offering unique benefits for maintaining fabulous skin. This module doesn’t just stop at theory – it also provides practical home remedies and topical applications, blending herbal wisdom with everyday skincare practices.


Dive deep into the essence of the respiratory system with this vital module. Begin with an introduction to the complexities of our breathing mechanisms, uncovering the wonders of how we inhale life itself. Discover how herbs can be a cornerstone in supporting and enhancing respiratory health, helping to maintain clear and strong lungs. This journey also introduces you to a variety of local herbs, each with unique properties to aid in respiratory wellness. Alongside, learn about effective home remedies designed to support and nurture your respiratory system.


Embark on a journey to strengthen your body’s natural defenses in this insightful module. Begin with a comprehensive overview of allergies and immunity, understanding the delicate balance of our body’s protective mechanisms. Discover the power of local herbs specifically tailored for allergy relief and immune support, connecting you with nature’s own remedies. This module not only educates but also empowers you with practical home remedies, offering natural, effective strategies for managing allergies. Learn how to harness the healing properties of herbs to bolster your immune system and find relief from allergies.


Delve into the complex world of hormonal health with this comprehensive module. Begin with an exploration of the chemistry of hormonal wellbeing, understanding the intricate dance of hormones in our bodies. Gain valuable insights into female anatomy and physiology, laying the foundation for a deeper understanding of common hormonal issues. This module empowers you with natural strategies to maintain hormonal health, blending traditional wisdom with modern insights. Learn about effective home remedies that support hormonal balance, offering gentle, nurturing ways to harmonise your body’s natural rhythms.


Unveil the secrets of adaptogens in this empowering module, designed to boost your body’s resilience and balance. Learn about adaptogens and tonics – nature’s remarkable gifts that help our bodies adapt to stress and restore vitality. We’ll introduce you to an array of local nourishing herbs, each with unique properties to fortify and rejuvenate your system. Gain insights on how to use these powerful adaptogens safely and effectively, integrating them into your daily routine for optimal health. This module also offers tasty recipes, blending nutritive plant-medicine into delicious, everyday meals and drinks.


Uncover the hidden healing powers in your kitchen with this delightful module. Discover how everyday food, herbs, and spices can transform into potent kitchen remedies, offering health benefits right from your pantry. Learn the art of incorporating herbal medicine into your daily cooking, turning each meal into an opportunity for optimum health. This module is a celebration of the medicinal treasures that lie in plain sight, inviting you to infuse wellness into every dish you prepare. With ‘Kitchen Treasures’, your kitchen becomes a haven of health, blending the joys of cooking with the wisdom of herbal healing.


Embrace the unique challenges of the colder seasons with ‘Winter’s Cloak’, a module designed to guide you through autumnal wellness and winter remedies. This course offers insightful strategies for adapting to the physiological and emotional shifts that come with the drop in temperature. Discover preventative measures and effective treatments for common winter ailments, ensuring you stay healthy and resilient. Learn about nurturing practices and herbal remedies tailored for the colder months, providing comfort and support when you need it most.


Journey through the stages of life with these enlightening modules, embracing natural health and wellbeing at every age. Delve into the gentle art of treating children with natural remedies, learning how to safely and effectively use herbal medicine to nurture their growing bodies and minds. Shift focus to the elders, understanding the unique requirements and sensitivities in providing them with appropriate herbal care. These modules are a celebration of life’s continuum, highlighting the adaptability and efficacy of herbal medicine from childhood to elder years.

This Full Membership is for

Herbal Enthusiasts & Health Seekers

This membership is ideal for individuals who are passionate about natural health and wellness and are seeking to deepen their understanding of herbal medicine. Whether you’re beginning your journey or looking to expand your existing knowledge, the full membership offers a rich curriculum covering everything from herbal basics to advanced remedy making. Engage with detailed modules, hands-on tutorials, and live classes, perfect for deepening your understanding and skills in herbal medicine for personal or community wellness.

Health Professionals & Nurturers

Suited to those in healthcare and nurturing roles, this membership equips you with comprehensive herbal knowledge and practical skills. Explore detailed modules on various body systems, plant identification, safe dosages, and remedy preparation, enhancing your ability to integrate effective, natural treatments into your personal life or at-home care. Gain the confidence to support health and wellbeing with the wisdom of herbal medicine, backed by an expert medical herbalist and a supportive community.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What exactly does the Crafty Herbalist Academy Full Membership include?

A: The full membership offers comprehensive access to our extensive herbal medicine course and handous, exclusive webinars with a medical herbalist, seasonal recipes, foraging videos, a vibrant community forum, and a rich library of resources including recipes, tutorials, and in-depth plant profiles.

Q: Can I access the material at any time?

A: Absolutely! All the course content, including the handbooks and recorded live classes, are available on our online portal. You can access them anytime as per your convenience, making it a truly self-paced learning experience.

Q: Are there live classes, and what if I miss a session?

A: We regularly host live classes via Zoom on various topics. If you miss a session, don’t worry – all classes are recorded and uploaded to the portal for you to watch at your leisure.

Q: What kind of practical learning can I expect?

A: The membership includes video tutorials for making various herbal products, allowing you to learn practical skills. Additionally, we offer regular foraging videos and seasonal recipes to enhance your hands-on learning experience.

Q: Is there a community aspect to the membership?

A: Yes, we have a vibrant online community forum inside the membership where you can interact with fellow herbal enthusiasts, share experiences, ask for feedback, get more support or get more advice. It’s a wonderful place to connect and grow together with fellow students.

Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to the membership to benefit?

A: Our courses are self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own comfort. While each course varies in length, we recommend setting aside a few hours each week to fully engage with the materials. Spending plenty of time in nature will bring your learning experience full circle.

Q: Is this membership suited for beginners or only for those with prior knowledge?

A: This learning platform is designed to cater to everyone, from beginners to those with some prior knowledge of herbal medicine. The content is structured to be accessible and enriching for all learning levels. Those with a little more knowledge will particularly benefit from the founder’s longstanding experience as a practising medical herbalist.

Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course inside the membership?

A: Yes, there is a certificate! The herbal immerson course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and upon successful completion of the modules and assignments, you will be awarded a ‘Foundations in Herbal Medicine’ certificate which will allow you to become a CMA member.

Q: Can I cancel my membership if it’s not right for me?

A: You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, please note that cancelling the membership will result in losing access to all content, videos, handouts, and community features. We encourage members to consider this when deciding whether the full membership aligns with their learning goals and schedule.

Q: Can I become a medical herbalist by completing this course?

A: While the Crafty Herbalist Academy provides a solid foundation in herbal medicine, it’s important to note that it doesn’t replace the need for professional training and the required 500 clinical hours to become a qualified medical herbalist.

What we offer is an enriching learning journey to support your personal wellbeing and the health of your loved ones, guided by many years of experience in herbal medicine. This makes the academy a unique place to start or deepen your understanding of herbal practice.

The Crafty Herbalist Immersion Course is now officially recognised as an access course for continued learning.

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